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Portuguese Love Rooster square cereal bowl is hand crafted and hand painted in Portugal, bringing a burst of color to your kitchen dining set, or make for a meaningful gift reminiscent of the charm and tradition of Portugal. Each individually sold


• Each ceramic is hand painted in the Amoré Rooster style, individual design details vary as the the artist creates a unique piece with every stroke •
• Dimensions 9"L x 9"W x 1"H •
• Dishwasher safe (Hand wash Recommended) •
• Lead Free •
• Made especially for Melita's Home in Portugal •


In Portugal, roosters are a symbol for good luck, faith, and justice. This set features a crowing rooster - known in European countries for their morning call to the waking world and throughout the day to warn the flock of danger or signal where there is an abundance of food. Roosters express their love by providing safety and security to the flock.

Serving Plate

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