This cozy thick wool mat has a wonderful accent and protects the area your pets love to spend time. Made with 100% lanolin rich wool that naturally regulates temperature. In addition, it helps keep paws and fur healthy and gracefully

Available in two different sizes and colors

- 18 Inches and 26 Inches - Agate Green and Agate Red - 

The 18" mat is ideal an ideal fit for a pet up to 15lbs, and the 26" mat is great for dogs up to 30lbs. 


Round Wool Mat

  • Content: 100% Wool Care: Made with minimal chemicals, the lanolin in the wool helps to keep your pet cave naturally clean.

    For regular cleaning, it can be vacuumed or spot cleaned with a sponge. If it becomes very soiled, wash in the delicate cycle of a washing machine. Do not put it in the dryer! Pat with newspapers, and let it air dry.