These Capiz Shell Salad Servers make a terrific gift. Carved from beautiful palm wood and inlaid with capiz shells.  They are made of palm wood from old trees that have been retired from palm oil groves. After a certain age the trees can no longer be used for food production and must be thinned so new trees can be planted.


Made in village workshops in Bali and Java.


Size: 2.75″ x 14″ x 1.5″

Hand Wash Only.

Palm Wood Teal Capiz Salad Servers

  • These capiz shell servers and bowls are handcrafted in a family workshop in Bali, Indonesia from oyster shells and sustainable wood. Jingle oysters grow like weeds in the shallow seas of Indonesia. Previously harvested solely for their meat, now the whole oyster is used!The capiz shells are sustainably harvested and fishermen pick only the mature ones, leaving space & food supply for the young ones to thrive and grow. After harvesting, the fishermen remove the meat from the shells and sell it to their own customers.

    The shells are then left to dry.To make the shell bowls and salad servers, the shell is softened by soaking in a mild, naturally acidic solution, mixed with a food safe resin, and hand shaped and molded into the bowls and wrapping the wood for the salad servers.  Next they are dried, sanded, dyed and given a final coat of the food safe resin.