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Colourful flower bookmarks, 19.5x4.5cm. Made with mulberry paper, also known as saa. The long fibres of mulberry paper give it a soft feel, yet maintain durability not found in traditional papers. Bookmarks can save time and avoid prolonged browsing to find the reading position. When you flip through the book and read fragments of future plots, it's bad because it will spoil the story. Use bookmarks like all good book fans to avoid frustration. However, they aren't only for marking your place in the book or magazine you are reading, they can be a perfect gift to give out during special occasions as well.


Slim and perfect page holders - safely keeps your place so you will never miss a word of your current book, article, or magazine.


Gift-ready - the attractive collection comes in a pack of 10, ready for wrapping and giving, perfect gifts for both kids and adults.


Made in Thailand.

Colourful Flower Mulberry Bookmarks, Assorted

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