Made in Nepal

From its original design they set standards for wool pet beds and toys made in Nepal. The largest producer of them in the country.

As a proud Fair Trader it's an honor to provide trust worthy beds for the pets we love. It’s more than just words. As members of the fair trade federation and pet sustainability coalition, we complete a thorough vetting of our labor and environmental practices every year.

Quality your pet can’t resist, the blend of Himalayan and New Zealand wools is rich in lanolin, which naturally attracts pets and is good for their health. Lanolin conditions paws and helps to keep fur healthy and shiny. Cats and small dogs have a heightened need to feel secure, and the warm, enclosed area of our beds provide the perfect space to help your pet destress and relax. 100% natural fibers are 100% safe.

Harmless for the planet the sustainability of production minimizes impact on the environment, the only materials


Bouquet Wool Pet Cave

  • Content: 100% Wool Care: Made with minimal chemicals, the lanolin in the wool helps to keep your pet cave naturally clean.

    For regular cleaning, it can be vacuumed or spot cleaned with a sponge. If it becomes very soiled, wash in the delicate cycle of a washing machine. Do not put it in the dryer! Pat with newspapers, and let it air dry.